Computer Physical Damage

Has your computer been physically damaged?
If so, contact or visit a ClickAway store as soon as possible.

Computer problems can be frustrating.
ClickAway is here to help

Experienced symptoms

Physical damage can result from your computer being dropped, hit by something, mishandled, worn out, or laptop battery swelling. Laptops are physically damaged much more frequently than desktops. Sometimes the damage is visible – such as a cracked screen, broken hinge, or bowed keyboard or touchpad. However, sometimes it isn’t – such as internal components shaken loose.

Avoiding further damage

If your laptop is not opening and closing correctly, continued use will increase the probability of a more expensive repair.

Need for professional help

Physical damage usually requires replacement parts, special knowledge and tools to repair.

Please contact or visit your nearest ClickAway store for professional help. We are just a call away.