Computer Insufficient Storage

Is your computer running out of storage?
If so, contact or visit a ClickAway store.

Computer problems can be frustrating.
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Experienced symptoms

When you try to save a file or install a new app, the operating system presents an error message saying you don’t have enough storage for it. You notice that your computer’s free space is very low. Your computer is booting and running slower than when it was new.

Need for professional help

There are many possible causes for insufficient storage. Most involve unnecessary data and/or, programs, trash bins getting too big, and/or unnecessary remnants of past operating installations. ClickAway will do a free basic diagnosis to determine the cause or causes and then suggest a course of corrective actions. Frequently a tune up will resolve the issue, and in other cases a larger drive might be the answer.

Please contact or visit your nearest ClickAway store for professional help. We are just a call away.