Computer Data Backup

If your storage drive was corrupted, hacked, damaged by fire, flood, or earthquake, or just failed, could you recover your valuable data?
If not, contact or visit a ClickAway store.

Computer problems can be frustrating.
ClickAway is here to help

Experienced symptoms

You have never created a backup of your data or are not backing up your data on a regular schedule.


IMPORTANT: You could lose your valuable photos, financial records, legal documents, etc. This is not a scare tactic. We frequently see cases where customers suffered avoidable significant loss. While it is sometimes possible to recover data from a damaged drive, it can cost up to thousands of dollars with a low probability of success. A small investment in a backup system, can protect you from that risk.

Need for professional help

ClickAway can recommend and install a suitable backup system using an external drive or cloud storage to mitigate all of that risk.

Please contact or visit your nearest ClickAway store for professional help. We are just a call away.